SPAM alert

As announced in our last rehearsal, there are members’ email addresses that have been hacked and are being used to “spam” contacts in their online/webmail address books.

Please use your “gut” when you get an email from someone you know, and it does NOT sound like they wrote it, or if it’s a link and your friend NEVER sends you links – these are the usual results of their email having been “hacked”.

If you have doubts, DO NOT CLICK THE ATTACHMENTS and DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS! Send an email to your friend letting them know that you have reason to believe they have been hacked (they will rarely know unless they are told). They will have to work with the Customer Service of their email provider (hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) to get their password reset, if they cannot change it themselves (the ‘bots have been known to change the “secret questions” – or even the password!).