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Our conductor, Roy Johnson
Roy Johnson
Conductor of the Flint Symphonic Wind Ensemble

The FSWE has a history of fine conductors: from its founder, first conductor, and current emeritus conductor, Don Clough, to the renowned William D. Revelli. Our current conductor, Roy Johnson, joined us in the fall of 2007 and begins his 3rd season. Roy is a 1977 graduate of Hope College and began his teaching career in the small town of Harlowton, Montana in 1977. He moved to the Brandon Public School District in 1981 and has been with them until his retirement in 2010. Roy is also currently serving on the executive board of the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association as president of District III (the thumb area). He is married to Elaine; they have two sons: Aaron, a writer for The Financial Times in NYC and Adam, an aerospace engineer with the Raytheon Corporation in Huntsville, Alabama.

Timeline of FSWE Conductors:

1966-1968        Don Clough
1968-1969        George Cavendar / William D. Revelli
1969-1971        William D. Revelli
1971-1973        James Curnow
1974-1975        Jim Lee
1975-2004        Don Clough
2004-2007        Lori Liley
2007- present   Roy Johnson