Chris Anderson, Conductor of the FSWE
Chris Anderson
Conductor of the Flint Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Don Clough, conductor emeritus of the FSWE
Don Clough
Conductor emeritus of the Flint Symphonic Wind Ensemble

The FSWE has a history of fine conductors: from its founder, first conductor, and current conductor emeritus, Don Clough, to the renowned William D. Revelli.

Timeline of FSWE Conductors

1966-1968 Donald Clough
1968-1969 George Cavendar / William D. Revelli
1969-1971 William D. Revelli
1971-1973 James Curnow
1974-1975 Jim Lee
1975-2004 Donald Clough
2004-2007 Lori Liley
2007-2015 Roy Johnson
2016-2019 Michael Keller
2019-Present Chris Anderson