Motor City Festival of Bands 2015

Children’s March “Over the Hills and Far Away” – Percy Grainger, rev. Erickson

Appassionato – Vaclav Nelhybel

His Honor March – Henry Fillmore

February 2014 Concert

“Pie Jesu” with members Jennifer Curts and Liz Rodgers, sopranos”

April 28, 2013 Concert

Sword Dancer (with soloist Nancy Ambrose-King) by Catherine McMichael

March of the Belgian Paratroopers by Pierre Leema

Incantation and Dance by John Barnes Chance

February 24, 2013 Concert

Sing, Sing, Sing (with soloist Dave Bennett) by Louis Prima

Don’t Be That Way (with soloist Dave Bennett) by Bennie Goodman

Moorside Suite by Gustav Holst:

2009-2010 Selections

Pepita Greus by Pascual Perez Chovi, arr. Roy Weger

Toccata Marziale by Vaughn Williams

Noble Men by Henry Fillmore

2008-2009 Selections

First Suite (Chaconne) by Gustav Holst

Mannin Veen by Haydn Wood

Battle Pavane – Tielman Susato arr. Margolis