Board of Directors

Meeting Time

FSWE Board meetings are scheduled for 6:00 PM the FIRST Tuesday of each month during the performance season in the BAND ROOM at CARMAN-AINSWORTH High School.


The Flint Symphonic Wind Ensemble has a unique Board of Directors, made up of the conductor, elected officers and section representatives, two appointed positions (Librarian & Webmaster), and a group of community members. The FSWE Board meets monthly.

President – Johnny Kantor
Past President – Kristy Coggins
Vice President – Donald Clough
Treasurer – Theresa Smithwick
Secretary – Liz Rodgers
Conductor – Michael Keller
Librarian – Donald Clough
Webmaster – Joseph Benfield

Section Representatives

  • Flutes: Patty Duffy
  • Oboes/Bassoons: Mary Lander
  • Clarinets: Barb Johnston
  • Saxes: Liz Rodgers
  • Trumpets/Cornets/French Horns: Donald Clough
  • Trombones/Euphoniums/Baritones: Carmen Schuler
  • Basses/Percussion: Brian Moe

Community Members

  • Betty Shaw
  • Diane Millington
  • Anthony Coggins

The Community Members of the Board, who may or may not be playing members, give of their time, their intellect and their interest in helping the group be a viable musical organization in the greater Flint Michigan area.

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